Paid Media

Digital ad spending is projected to be a whopping $129 billion in 2020. The sad part is that many of those dollars will be wasted. We are here to ensure that your money is among the small percentage of digital ad spend dollars delivering high returns. Over the past decade, we have learned what works and what does not. We are fast to kill underperforming campaigns and quick to recognize great opportunities for our customers. We are quick to recognize great opportunities for our customers and are fast to kill underperforming campaigns.

Redzel is ROI driven and knows that when you win, we win. We count the pennies and we analyze keyword performance. We do all the nerdy stuff but we never lose focus of our mission: To help you sell and market your products and services.

We’d love to have a chat with you, have a look at your current digital advertising and start working towards a more prosperous future for your business.

Search Advertising

Google and Microsoft Advertising control 96.31% of the search engine market
Our team is skilled in running campaigns that convert. Our campaign strategists ensure that your ads are aligned with your customer journey. Redzel’s track record speaks for itself having managed annual budgets ranging from $10,000 to $1,000,000, delivering over one-hundred percent, year-on-year revenue growth for our clients.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook Advertising launched to the public in 2007. A lot has changed since then.
Different generations communicate differently on different media. The purpose of social-media has remained consistent but it is the deep understanding of different platforms and audiences that makes our team excel at delivering unparalleled results.

3.2 Billion people use social media for an average of 112 minutes a day. 

Let us help you reach your audience on platforms, such as, Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; Pinterest; LinkedIn; TikTok, and many more with our cutting-edge approach to social media advertising.

Display Advertising

Often overlooked and under-appreciated, display advertising is still a powerful option.
Our team is skilled in creating display advertising that delivers astounding results. We work on the notable platforms such as Google Display advertising, Facebook Audience Network and other well-established platforms. Redzel also works directly with site owners outside these networks, meticulously evaluating opportunities for our clients. Our designers create stunning display ads that attract, build brand awareness and convert.

Video Advertising

An astounding 1 billion hours of video are watched daily on YouTube.
The landscape is changing. With faster internet speeds and sites like TikTok, the way we communicate is more video based than ever before. Our team can help you with traditional video advertising as well as the faster paced video messaging consumers now expect.

We work with the best video content production agencies to help you create stunning content. With precise audience targeting and powerful content alignment, video advertising done right is bound to have a positive return on your bottom line.